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Tucked away on the Northern Shore of the Minas Basin, Parrsboro has been called "Nova Scotia’s best- kept secret". From our harbour one can view the world’s highest tides. An article in an issue of National Geographic Traveler Magazine quotes New Brunswick Professor Bob Rosebrugh as saying "The world's highest tides are in the Bay of Fundy, and the area around Parrsboro has to be the prettiest place to watch them sweep in and out". The author of the article, Barbara Peck, says "This sweet northwestern corner, around the coastal town of Parrsboro, is more than picturesque; it's full of unusual things to see and do."Parrsboro Harbour - Calm at Dawn

Situated approximately 50 kilometres (30 miles) from the Trans-Canada highway linking Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, Parrsboro is less than two hours drive to the airports of Moncton and Halifax.

As one of the oldest settled areas of Canada, our past encompasses the early Minas Basin explorations of Champlain, longstanding ties with New England and the American Revolution. Shipbuilding and commerce along the Parrsboro shore add to the captivating past of our area.

On August 10, 1776, a grant of land, 2000 acres in all, was given to Messrs. Avery, Bacon and Lockhart on condition that they operate a ferry with a craft capable of carrying passengers and cattle from the Partridge Island community, (the original settlement) to Windsor. The land was later conveyed to Thomas William Moore, James Ratchford & Company. This marked the beginning of the Ratchford’s influence in Parrsboro, the settlement being renamed in 1784 in honour of Governor Parr, who was at that time the Governor of Nova Scotia.

At the turn of the 20th century, Parrsboro was second only to Halifax in the number of ships sailing on the Canadian east coast.

Through a series of fateful events beginning with the emergency landing of the Handley- Page airplane Atlantic in 1919, Parrsboro later became a sister community to Greenport, New York. In October of that year, the repaired Atlantic carried the first international air mail from Canada to the United States on a flight from Parrsboro to Greenport.


Parrsboro is home to the Ship's Company Theatre, a highly acclaimed and innovative professional company performing at their theatre facility built around the M.V. Kipawo, last of the Minas Basin ferries. It's productions are Canadian plays with an emphasis on new works from Atlantic Canadian playwrights.

The Fundy Geological Museum is your gateway to Nova Scotia’s rich geological past. The museum will help you discover rocks, fossils, and minerals of the Bay of Fundy. Learn the story of drifting continents, changing climates, Coal Age forests and the dawn of the dinosaurs.

Parrsboro Bandstand, located in the Civic Gardens - Adjacent to the Parrsboro Service Centre.

Summer attractions include shows and fairs such as our Old Home Week and Nova Scotia's Gem and Mineral Show. Enjoy "Tea with the Mayor" every Friday in July and August at various venues including the VIC located at the Fundy Geological Museum. Listen to our own Parrsboro Citizen’s Band occasionally throughout the summer at 7PM on Sunday nights in the Civic Gardens. Take in the annual Parrsboro Film Festival held at "The Hall" in October.

The Ottawa House By The Sea Museum is open during the summer months. This building was constructed around 1790 by original settlers, and at one time was the home of an early Prime Minister, Sir Charles Tupper.Parrsboro offers its residents a variety of social activities. There are several clubs and lodges serving the town and the wider community.

Parrsboro is served by all of the major Christian denominations.


Parrsboro is represented by one councillor on the Cumberland County Municipal Council. This group represents 13 Districts within the County of Cumberland and works together on several committees that meet the needs of all County residents. Parrsboro has a public works department responsible for maintaining and operating the town water and sewer systems as well as the daily maintenance of the roads and sidewalks. The Municipality owns and operates an R.V. park and campground.

Parrsboro supports a volunteer fire department that is trained in fire protection as well as high angle rescue, and water rescue techniques. Parrsboro has an EMS station equipped with an ambulance and full time paramedics on duty.

Police protection is provided through a local RCMP office. The officers stationed here are very active in the community and work closely with the schools to provide drug awareness programs and other beneficial activities.

Broadband internet access is available in Parrsboro. Computer access programs are available at the  library and also at our local visitor information centre. Access to wireless internet is available at First Beach and will soon be available on Main Street.

Within Parrsboro is an Industrial Park with ample space to establish or relocate business and industry. For information regarding the industrial park contact Rafe's Construction Ltd. at (902) 254-3436 or .  Business Development support is available through Cumberland Development Corporation Inc. For information contact Bruce Burbine at (902) 667-5700 or 

Parrsboro's waterfront has entertained many marine piers over several centuries and has surpassed Halifax in shipping tonnage at one point in time. The current marine facility, concrete boat launch and surrounding land is operated by the Parrsboro and Area Harbour Commission, a non-profit organization directed by volunteers. Due to the world's highest tides, the current pier is accessible by marine craft for approximately 4-5 hours of every tidal cycle. A home to several fishing boats and pleasure craft, the pier is available for both seasonal and daily rental use.  For more information, please contact Lois Smith - 902-254-2280.


Parrsboro has a full-time Recreation Director and provides recreation opportunities for both children and adults on a year-round basis. The Summer Recreation Program for youth aged 5 - 17 is particularly popular and includes a day camp, sports programs and day trips. There is also a kiddie camp for ages 3 - 5.

Parrsboro offers many recreational opportunities for people of all ages. The Parrsboro Golf Club is a challenging golf course that also offers a spectacular view of the Minas Basin. Our local high school has a basketball court, volleyball and badminton courts and soccer field. Parrsboro has a tennis court and two well-maintained baseball fields. We have access to fresh and saltwater fishing and swimming. Canoeing, kayaking, and paragliding are popular activities in our area. Roam the beaches for miles collecting shells, driftwood, rocks and minerals, or just relax and enjoy the world’s highest tides and beautiful sunsets. Parrsboro resident Eldon George is credited with finding the world’s smallest dinosaur footprints and with his grandson Kevin, found the world’s smallest horse shoe crab. Many other unique finds have been similarly discovered in the area.

Enjoy our many scenic hiking trails, A.T.V. access roads and look-offs with opportunities for bird watching. Bicycling groups go out each week to discover trails and meet new friends.

Winter offers lots of activities such as snow shoeing, snow mobiling, skiing and other outdoor winter experiences.

Parrsboro is very proud of our large rink equipped with artificial ice. We have a very active hockey and skating program for anyone who wants to get involved.


Parrsboro has a varied residential and commercial base. The community is zoned to provide a wide range of residential choices for those who enjoy country living or a small town way of life. Housing structures include large historical homes built by Sea Captains, farmhouses, apartment buildings, and new modern homes. Bed and Breakfast establishments, cottages and a country inn meet the needs of our touring visitors. A seniors' complex is situated near the town centre, providing easy access to Parrsboro’s business district.

Natural Resources

Parrsboro and all of Cumberland County is one of the largest blueberry growing regions in Canada. Berries are harvested and shipped all over the world. Unique to our area are maple sugar products. We are surrounded by farmland producing market crops and raising beef cattle.

Parrsboro has a protected harbour with a large wharf, making it possible for our community to have an active fishery, with lobster and scallops as the mainstay. Significant finds of dinosaur and other fossils have made Parrsboro a very important area to palaeontologists. Geologists also love our area because of the many rocks and minerals found here.

The mighty Fundy tides near Parrsboro are currently being explored as a source of electric power by FORCE, Canada's leading research centre for in-stream tidal energy.

Parrsboro is blessed with an ample supply of quality drinking water