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Back row L-R: Councillor Rod Gilroy, Counillor Fred Gould, Councillor Kathy Redmond, Councillor Carrie Goodwin, Councillor Angela McCormick, Deputy Mayor Mark Joseph

Front row L-R: CAO Greg Herrett, Councillor Jennifer Houghtailing, Mayor Murray Scott, Municipal Clerk Shelley Hoeg-Eaton, Councillor Dale Porter

Council represents the views of citizens, while mediating between conflicting interests in the community, making choices between tax rates and levels of services, and determining priorities for the allocation of resources. All decisions of council in the exercise of its powers and duties are made by resolution, Policies & By-laws. The powers and duties of the Municipality (its jurisdiction and mandate) are specifically assigned in the Nova Scotia Municipal Government Act and relate to such things as sewage collection and treatment, solid waste collection, recovery and disposal, fire protection service, policing, land use planning, emergency measures,recreation, street lighting, building inspection, canine control, economic and community development, and bylaw enforcement. Council also acts as an advocate on other public issues of community interest that may not be within their formal mandate.


Councillors are also considered Commissionars of Oath. Under the Municipal Government Act, Councillors, while in office, may administer oaths and take and receive legal affidavits, declarations, and affirmations within Nova Scotia, to be used within Nova Scotia. 


The public expects the highest standards of professional conduct from Members elected to local government. The purpose of Code of Conduct for Elected Municipal Official is is to establish guidelines for the ethical and inter-personal conduct of Members of Council (“Members”). The Council is answerable to the community through democratic processes and this Code will assist in providing for the good government of the Municipality of the County of Cumberland.


Council Meetings

Meeting dates and times are posted on our council meetings calendar.
Details of previous meetings can be viewed here: council minutes.

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Fred Gould - District 1

Term: OCT 2020 TO OCT 2024

Phone: 902-664-8081

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Councillor Gould is no stranger to community involvement with a 35-year history of volunteering for numerous causes from health to youth sports to agriculture to community service. Councillor Gould is keen to give back to his community in his first term as a member of council. His interests for council include stabilizing the economy and to provide a place where younger generations want to stay, work and raise their families. Councillor Gould lives in Brookdale where he and his wife raised their 3 children, now adults.

District 1 Communities

West Amherst, Amherst Point, Fort Lawrence, Upper Nappan, Brookdale, East Amherst, Tyndal Road

Rod Gilroy - District 2

Term: OCT 2020 TO OCT 2024

Phone: 902-664-7201

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Councillor Gilroy is an avid hunter, fisherman and forager who spends a large amount of time outdoors enjoying all that the Cumberland region has to offer. He brings a career of business acumen to council, in addition to many years of involvement with community groups and causes that align with his values. This is Councillor Gilroy’s first term of office with the Municipality of Cumberland. He lives in East Amherst with his wife and has two children and four very busy grandchildren.

District 2 Communities

Lower Shinimicas, Hastings, Warren, Truemanville, Amherst Head, Linden, Lake Killarney, Shinimicas, Stanley, East Leicester, West Leicester, Mansfield, Salem, Little River, Black River Road, Northport, Amherst Shore, Lorneville, Tidnish Cross Roads, Tidnish Bridge, Chapman Settlement

Jennifer Houghtaling - District 3

Term: OCT 2020 TO OCT 2024

Phone: 902-297-1298

Facebook: Click here

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Councillor Houghtaling is in her first term of office, as the only candidate to be acclaimed in the 2020 Municipal Election. A self-described passionate and creative person, Councillor Houghtaling owns and operates her own business and is interested in the renewable energy sector and sustainability. As a volunteer in her community of Pugwash for 12 years, Deputy Mayor Houghtaling has enriched the area by supporting causes important to her family which includes her husband and two children, such as the Pugwash Farmers’ Market and art and garden workshops within the school system.

District 3 Communities

Pugwash River, South Pugwash, Pugwash Junction, Port Howe, West Pugwash, Port Philip, Miller Road, Pugwash, Gulf Shore, Hansford, Kolbec, Roslin, Conns Mills, Mount Pleasant, Riverview, Rockley, Birchwood, Beckwith

Kathy Redmond - District 4

Term: OCT 2020 TO OCT 2024

Phone: 902-297-1338

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Councillor Redmond has a history of municipal government involvement as she has served as a councillor for the Municipality of Cumberland prior to the two town dissolutions and more recently on the Pugwash Village Commission. According to Councillor Redmond, the biggest strengths in the municipality are the youth, small business, community halls, volunteer Fire Departments and churches. Councillor Redmond showcases her beliefs through her participation on numerous boards for volunteer organizations in these sectors. Councillor Redmond has retired to Pugwash with her husband.

District 4 Communities

Fountain Road, Wallace Bay, Fox Harbour, North Wallace, Wallace River West, Wallace Bridge, Middleboro, North Wallace Bay, Kerrs Mill, Richmond, Wallace, East Wallace, Wallace Station, Malagash Mine, Malagash Centre, Malagash Point, Wallace Ridge, North Shore, Malagash Station, Upper Malagash, Hartford, Victoria, Jersey, Lower Wentworth, Angevine Lake, Wallace Grant, Wallace Highlands, Mattatall Lake, Hart Lake, Wentworth Centre, Wentworth, Streets Ridge, South Victoria, West Wentworth, Stevens Mountain, Higgins Mountain, Atkinson, Westchester Mountain, Sutherland Lake, Cross Mountain Road, Rose, Greenville Station, Lower Greenville, Westchester

Angela McCormick - District 5

Term: OCT 2020 TO OCT 2024

Phone: 902-664-9369

Facebook: Click here

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Councillor McCormick brings a strong finance background to council as she spent her entire career in the banking industry. Councillor McCormick understands the importance of maintaining infrastructure to continue to create economic opportunities and decrease economic burdens on the taxpayer. No stranger to teamwork, Councillor McCormick has logged hundreds of hours volunteering for more than 50 groups and agencies, raising money where it is needed. Councillor McCormick and her husband live in Springhill.

District 5 Communities

Springhill (part-east), Claremont, Thomson Station, Glenville, River Philip, Millvale, Oxford Junction, Springhill Junction, Valley Road, Salt Springs

Deputy Mayor Mark Joseph - District 6

Term: OCT 2020 TO OCT 2024

Phone: 902-297-0814

Facebook: Click here

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Deputy Mayor Joseph was inspired to run for council to contribute to his community after a 30-year military career serving Canada at home and abroad. He sees the people as the biggest assets in the district and wants to help their projects continue to move forward. Deputy Mayor Joseph is looking forward to his first term on council to push for the issues that matter to constituents the most. Deputy Mayor Joseph lives in Springhill Junction with his wife and two daughters.

District 6 Communities

Springhill (part-west), Poison Lake, Wyvern, Windham Hill, Collingwood Corner, Farmington, Williamsdale, East Mapleton, Rodney, Athol Road, Mapleton, Leamington

Dale Porter - District 7

Term: OCT 2020 TO OCT 2024

Phone: 902-297-1695

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Councillor Porter served the Village of River Hebert as a Village Commissioner for 30 years prior to being elected as a councillor for the Municipality of Cumberland. In addition to municipal government experience, through his career as an educator Councillor Porter has been involved in developing curriculum and planning a new school. He is interested in maintaining local services while avoiding overspending. Councillor Porter lives in River Hebert East with his wife and two daughters.

District 7 Communities

East Southampton, South Brook, Chignecto Game Sanctuary, Gilbert Mountain, Pettigrew Settlement, South Athol, Southampton, Athol, West Brook, New Canaan, Joggins, Lower Cove, Barronsfield, Minudie, River Hebert East, River Hebert, Lower River Hebert, Lower Maccan, Shulie, Maccan Woods, Nappan, Little Forks, Maccan, Chignecto, Fenwick

Carrie Goodwin - District 8

Term: OCT 2020 TO OCT 2024

Phone: 902-297-7690

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Councillor Goodwin is a small business owner who values truth and open communication. As self-declared multi-tasker Councillor Goodwin is confident in her abilities to shift priorities and divide herself equally amongst the geographically largest district in the municipality. Councillor Goodwin lives in Greenhill.

District 8 Communities

Isle Haute, Advocate Harbour, West Advocate, Red River, Wards Brook, Brookville, Allen Hill, Spencers Island, Allenville, Fraserville, East Fraserville, Cape Chignecto Provincial Park, Spicers Cove, North Greville, Eatonville, Sand River, New Salem, Apple River, Port Greville, Moose River, Lower Five Islands, Wharton, Cross Roads, Diligent River, New Prospect, Kirkhill, Lakelands, Harrison Settlement, Halfway River, Fox River, Parrsboro, West Bay, Greenhill, Two Islands