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Council represents the views of citizens, while mediating between conflicting interests in the community, making choices between tax rates and levels of services, and determining priorities for the allocation of resources. All decisions of council in the exercise of its powers and duties are made by resolution, by-law or policy. The powers and duties of the Municipality (its jurisdiction and mandate) are specifically assigned in the Nova Scotia Municipal Government Act and relate to such things as sewage collection and treatment, solid waste collection, recovery and disposal, fire protection service, policing, land use planning, emergency measures, recreation, street lighting, building inspection, canine control, economic and community development, and bylaw enforcement. Council also acts as an advocate on other public issues of community interest that may not be within their formal mandate.

Council 2016

Pictured back row from left to right: Deputy Warden Don Fletcher, Councillor Maryanne Jackson, Councillor Mike McLellan, Councillor Barbara Palmer, Councillor Dan Rector, Councillor Norman Rafuse, Councillor Ernest Gilbert, CAO Rennie Bugley. Pictured front row from left to right: Councillor Lynne Welton, Councillor Marlon Chase, Warden Allison Gillis, Councillor Joe van Vulpen, Councillor Paul Porter, Councillor Doug Williams.

Warden: Allison Gillis, District 4

Which electoral district do I live in? Who is my municipal councillor?

Please see our Map of Electoral Districts for the Municipality of the County of Cumberland. 

Use the corresponding council sub-menu to the left for more detailed information regarding each electoral district, including the name of your councillor, contact information, and more detailed mapping of each electoral district divisions.

Council Meetings

Council meetings are generally held at 1:00pm on the first and third Wednesdays of every month, except during the month of August.
Meeting dates and times are posted on our events calendar.
Details of previous meetings can be viewed here: council minutes.

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