Review of March 30, 2022 Public Council Meeting

Council met in person on Wednesday, March 30, 2022. The meeting opened with a territorial acknowledgement. 
Council awarded a contract for the Clear the Deck review, RFP-MCC-2204, to Cox and Palmer at a value of $265,775 plus tax.
Six projects were approved by council for submission to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. They are
• Junction Road Infrastructure Renewal
• Parrsboro Waterline Replacement
• Athol Road Waterline Replacement
• Parrsboro Stormwater Separation
• Springhill Main Street Infrastructure Renewal
• Wallace Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade
A resolution was passed to participate in the Municipal Finance Corporation’s 2022 spring debenture issue to refinance a balloon payment originally for Springhill Water Utility. This will be $690,205 balloon payment over a five-year term.
Two rezoning applications were subject to first readings. One property is located at 1713 Fenwick Rd., Fenwick, with the request to rezone a portion from rural resource to commercial recreation. The second property is located at 207 Spencer Island Rd., Spencer Island, with the request to rezone from country residential to commercial recreation. 
At the February council meeting, staff were directed to create the appropriate amendments and documentation for further review regarding commercial development districts. Commercial development districts along with a tax phase in by-law is a method to phase in the effect of increased property assessments on new commercial capital investments in specified areas, that are serviced with municipal sewer and water, to encourage growth. Council approved first reading of the amendments to the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) enabling commercial development districts on a commercial or industrial zoned property serviced with water and sewer. 
The current fire dispatch agreement with Valley Communications is due to expire on April 30, 2022. Council approved a one-year extension with a modest 2% increase to the base fee. 
Section 39 of the Nova Scotia Accessibility Act requires every municipality to prepare an accessibility plan, to be adopted by March 31, 2022. An accessibility advisory committee has prepared a joint accessibility plan. Council ratified the joint accessibility plan and has also requested a staff report on the financial, human resource, logistics and policy implication of the plan by June 15, 2022. 
Mayor Scott and council ended the meeting by recognizing numerous individuals and community groups who have contributed to the richness of their communities.
A Facebook live recording is available on the municipal Facebook page: