Review of Feb 16, 2022 Committee of the Whole Meeting

Committee of the Whole (COW) met via zoom on Wednesday, February 16, 2022. The meeting opened with a territorial acknowledgement.


The first order of business was a suggested update to the municipality’s grants policy. Since the policy was first implemented in 2015, the title of grants offered and administration of the grants program has evolved. Council referred the amended grant policy to the February 23, 2022 council meeting for approval.

Two rezoning applications were presented to council. Both will be considered for first reading at the February 23rd council meeting, with public hearings at the March 23, 2022 council meeting. One rezoning request is to rezone a property at 3055 Kolbec Road into a combination of commercial recreation and country residential. The second rezoning request is to rezone a property at Wentworth-Collinwood Road from agricultural to recreational residential.

In the fall of 2021, council requested a briefing on current setbacks in all zones as included in the land use bylaw. Public input has since been sought on the topic with limited results. The setbacks as approved in the land use bylaw were determined over the last four years with extensive consultation with residents and developers.

Staff presented council with information regarding commercial development districts. Commercial development districts along with a tax phase in by-law is a method to phase in the effect of increased property assessments on new commercial capital investments in specified areas, that are serviced with municipal sewer and water, to encourage growth. Council directed staff to create the appropriate amendments and documentation for further review.

A recommendation to award an RFP for supply of one crossover SUV, RFP-MCC-2201, to Amherst Toyota for a value of $40,743.09 taxes included, was forwarded to the February 23rd meeting.

Following an April 2020 fire which destroyed the fire hall and vehicles assigned to the Shinimicas District Fire Department, West Hants Regional Municipality and the Hantsport Fire Department loaned the Municipality of Cumberland a 2003 Peterbuilt Tanker. Pandemic-related manufacturing difficulties have resulted in a four-month delay of permanent replacement fire trucks. Council approved a staff recommendation to forward the purchase of the vehicle currently borrowed from the West Hants Regional Municipality to the February 23rd meeting for formal approval. Pending delivery of the replacement trucks, the 2003 Peterbuilt Tanker will be reassigned within the Municipality of Cumberland’s fire service.

The Village of Pugwash requested an installation of a wastewater dump station for RVs within the village. Council directed staff to engage the Village of Pugwash’s Village Clerk to develop the commission’s concept and vision for the proposed project.

At the November 17, 2021 committee of the whole meeting, citizens from Mattatall Lake presented council with a petition for the installation of a common bear proof waste/recycling system. In response to the petition, council has directed staff to advise the group that although the request to install a bear proof waste/recycling system is not possible at this time, that competitive pricing will be sought in the next solid waste curbside collection tender for a weekly organics collection option.

Council forwarded a decision to the February 23rd meeting regarding receiving funds from the Christie Foundation, to distribute to the Hastings Road Recreation Society for the establishment of a park.

Reports were provided from municipal directors regarding community development, finance, human resources and community facilities, engineering and operations, and the municipal clerk’s office.

Director of Human Resources and Community Facilities, Allie McCormick provided an information item to council that nominations for the Cumberland Volunteer Award and the Provincial Volunteer Award are open until March 2, 2022.

The next public council meeting will be February 23, 2022.The next committee of the whole meeting will be held March 16, 2022. Formal minutes of the February 16 meeting will be available within 24 hours of the meeting. A Facebook live recording is available on the municipal Facebook page