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Pugwash Central Water Supply Update

Residents are now able to connect their homes and businesses to the Pugwash Central Water Supply.

Disconnection of a current water source cannot be completed until the following is complete:


  • Lateral connection made by contractor
  • Water Contract signed
  • Inspection of inside connection
  • Inspection of the curb stop connection point
  • Pugwash Central Water Supply is fully operational

Arrangements to make a connection from the water supply to a home or a business (also called a lateral connection or a curb stop connection) must be made by the homeowner or business owner with a private contractor. A list of contractors known to the county can be found here. Costs associated with connection are the responsibility of the homeowner or businessowner.

Water meters are unavailable until such time that the system is fully operational, expected early October. Specifications for installation are available here

Arrangements for inspection, or further questions can be made with Peter Cottingham at 902-694-0796

The Pugwash Water System Project is defined under By-Law 18-01, Local Improvement By-Law


In 2012, The Municipality of the County of Cumberland, in conjunction with the Pugwash Village Commission, began the process of creating a central water supply for the Village of Pugwash.

On July 29, 2015, the Municipality of the County of Cumberland and provincial and federal officials announced a $14.9 million project that will bring clean water to the Village of Pugwash. The project involves building a centralized water treatment plant as well as an associated reservoir and distribution system to the village. 

Residents and institutions in and around Pugwash currently rely on individual wells to supply drinking water. Many of these wells are contaminated with dangerous metals, including arsenic, lead and uranium, as well as elevated levels of chloride, making the water unsafe to drink. This project will ensure the community has access to a clean and reliable supply of drinking water.