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Here are some news items from the Wednesday, May 24 meeting of Cumberland municipal council.

Municipality approves second reading of noise bylaw amendment

Council has approved second reading of the bylaw to amend the pdf municipality’s noise bylaw (98 KB) .

The current bylaw covers noise caused by the municipality, federal and provincial governments, Nova Scotia Power and telecommunications companies and their contractors and employees between 6 a.m. and 11 pm.

There are times when services to residents need to be provided during the nighttime hours or in the early hours of the morning. For example, snow removal may begin before 6 a.m. so roads and sidewalks can be cleared for travel before residents go to work or school.

Repairs of water mains, electrical or telecommunications infrastructure sometimes need to be completed outside normal business hours.

Council approves first reading of two land use bylaw amendment applications

Council has approved first reading of an amendment to Schedule A of the Land Use Bylaw to rezone a property near North End Road in Sutherlands Lake from Rural Resource to Recreational Residential to facilitate the development of approximately 27 lots and a private road corridor.

The property is located east of North End Road and nearly residential recreational lots on Maple Drive, Wyllies Lane and Hardwood Drive.

To the east, the property is bordered by Little Dead Lake and a stream that runs towards Purdy Road in the northeast.

Adjacent lands are zoned Rural Resources and contain a mix of woodland and wetland areas.

Council also passed first reading of an amendment to Schedule A of the Land Use Bylaw to rezone a property near the Hansford Road in Victoria to Recreational Residential from Agricultural.

The amendment is to allow for the development of approximately 10 lots and a private road corridor.

The property borders on the northeastern portion of McPherson Lake and is bordered to the north, east and west by properties zoned Agricultural. Properties to the south are zone Recreational Residential.

Municipal council approves Hastings Road Recreational Society request

Council has approved a request from the Hastings Road Recreational Society for the municipality to receive up to $25,000 from the Christie Community Foundation and disburse the funds to the society to assist with the cost of completing a playground.

The project includes completing a playground, including landscaping around the cement pad, expansion of the parking area and the installation of a sandbox and a warming shelter that will include a hot water tank, the drilling of a well and the installation of electrical services and the placement of soccer nets.

The total budget for the project is $50,000.

Municipality to renew the agreement for Pier Road loop maintenance

Council has passed a motion to renew an agreement with the Parrsboro and Area Harbour Commission to maintain the loop portion of Pier Road.

The initial two-year term of the agreement expires this summer. Maintenance includes filling potholes and grading when the municipality carries out similar activities on the gravel portion of Pier Road.

It also includes plowing and/or snow removal when similar activities occur on Pier Road.

There have been no operational issues identified with respect to the maintenance of the loop portion of the road during the agreement.The agreement can be renewed for five years at the municipality’s discretion.


Brian Wood appointed as a building official, fire inspector and development officer

Council has appointed Brian Wood as a building official, fire inspector and development officer for the municipality.

Wood has completed all the requirements to be a Level 1 fire inspector and is a provincially-certified Level 2 building official.