Mail-in Petition Results: Hastings Road Water Supply Project

A mail-in petition was sent to residents in the Hastings Road area to determine if there was interest among property owners to contribute towards the capital costs of a water supply project. 

Ballots were mailed for 82 properties. A majority approval of the ballot was required for the project to move forward. A majority approval means a positive response from more than 50% of the lots that would be subject to a Local Improvement Charge.

After mailing the ballots it was determined that one of the properties sent a ballot had previously connected to the existing watermain.

For this petition to achieve majority approval, positive response would be required from 41 properties. Forty-nine ballots were received by the Municipality before the deadline, March 25, 2022 at 4:30 p.m. The results of the returned ballots were 20 YES and 29 NO. 

A majority approval required for this project was not received. Based on the results of the petition Council has chosen not to proceed with applying for Federal/Provincial funding for this project


The original website article can be seen here, which includes a map of the petitioned area.