Mail-in petition for Hastings Rd and surrounding area

Residents in the Hastings Rd area should be receiving a mail-in petition to determine if there is interest among property owners to contribute towards the capital cost of this water supply project. If the project is approved and proceeds, the owners of each lot that could be serviced by the extension will be required to pay a Local Improvement Charge. This charge will be levied whether or not property owners decide to connect to the waterline.



This project will involve the design and construction of a watermain from the current end point of the Amherst Water Utility Watermain near Cumberland North Academy in Brookdale to the intersection of Hastings Road and Hastings Branch Road. The project will include portions of Highway 204, as well as Thor Road, Vinland Drive, and Valkeries Drive. For a map of the area please click here. 

Based on pre-design estimates the total capital cost is estimated to be approximately 3 million dollars. Should the petition be approved, the Municipality intends to apply for Federal/Provincial funding for this project amounting to approximately 73% of the estimated project cost. Given the amounts involved the likelihood of the project proceeding depends to a significant degree on if the Municipality is successful in its application for Federal/Provincial funding. Based on currently identified properties the total Local Improvement Charge, 10% of the total estimated project cost, per property is estimated to be $3775.00. The actual amount of the Local Improvement Charge will depend upon a confirmed calculation based on the actual cost of the project and the number of lots at the time of completion.

Property owners shall be given the option of paying the Local Improvement Charge in annual installments instead of paying the lump sum referred to above. The annual installments would be amortized over 10 years and include interest at 4%. Based on pre-design estimates and currently identified developed properties, the annual charge is estimated to be $465.22 per property for the 10 years, for a total cost of $4652.20, but the actual amount of the annual charge will depend upon a confirmed calculation based on the actual cost of the project and the number of lots at the time of completion.

If the project moves forward to the detailed design and construction phases residents will be provided an opportunity to re-commit to the project if costs exceed the above noted estimates.

In addition to the Local Improvement Charge, those who connect to the system will have to pay the cost of connecting their home to the water service shut-off valve at their property line. Residents who connect to the waterline will become customers of the Amherst Water Utility and will receive quarterly bills at the same rates as all the Utility’s other customers.

The project will only go ahead if there is majority approval of the ballot. Majority approval means a positive response from the owners of more than 50% of the lots that would be subject to a Local Improvement Charge. If there is majority approval of the ballot the project will be put forward to Municipal Council for their consideration and approval. Approval to proceed with this project must also be granted by the Amherst Water Utility and the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

Only one vote per property will be counted. Ballots with written-in, typed-in, or altered civic numbers will not be accepted. If you live in the noted area and have not yet received a ballot, please call 902-667-2313. 

Please note the deadline for returning the completed ballot is Friday March 25, 2022 at 4:30pm. If you are mailing in the ballot, please allow at least 3 business days to ensure it arrives by the deadline.