District Grants

1. Who can apply?

Only registered non-profit or charitable organizations can apply. Grants cannot be approved for individuals or businesses.

2. How to Apply

Simply fill out the form below and deliver it to your District Councillor or the Mayor.  Your Councillor or the Mayor will check to ensure the form is complete and will deliver it to the Municipal CAO’s Office, along with their recommendation

3. How are District Grants approved?

The CAO will check the completed form to ensure it complies with these Guidelines. If there are sufficient funds left in the applicable District Grant fund to comply with the Councillor’s recommendation, the CAO will approve the Grant and will provide a cheque to the District Councillor for delivery.

4. What sort of project or activity can be funded?

The Municipality of Cumberland recognizes the important contribution that volunteer organizations make to the sustainability of our communities and wishes to support their efforts by providing financial assistance. This Program may be used to support any type of project or activity that benefits the community, including recreation, health and healthy living, social opportunities and community service, stewardship of the environment, education and life-long learning, community economic development & tourism, heritage, culture, and creative arts.

5. How much money is available?

For the fiscal year that began on April 1, 2021, and ends on March 31, 2022, Council has approved $10,000 for each District and the Mayor ($90,000 total).





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