Venue: Dr. Carson & Marion Murray Community Centre (6 Main street, Springhill)

Date: Sunday November 18, 2018      

Time: 1:00-5:00pm  


It is widely recognized that a young child’s brain acquires neural pathways at a much higher rate than the adult brain.  Given this to be true for all children, Special Olympics Canada (SOC) has developed two programs that enhance the development of fundamental movement skills (FMS) in children with an intellectual disability, called Active Start and FUNdamentals.  These children learn how to run, jump, throw, catch, and hop, etc., through fun movement activities.  Children are exposed to positive social experiences provided by trained volunteers.  In this workshop, participants will learn about common intellectual disabilities and how to present learning strategies helpful for developing FMS for children ages 2-12 with an intellectual disability.  When the course is completed, participants will leave with the following:
   * An understanding of characteristics and teaching techniques for children with an intellectual disability
   * An understanding of the types of adaptations needed for programs involving these children
   * The role FMS plays in schools and daycares given the current lack of physical activity
By participating in this session, participants will receive a Coaching Association of Canada certification in the module Coaching Young Athletes and a certificate.


Tom is currently the Youth Development Coordinator for Special Olympics Nova Scotia.  A former Physical Education teacher and Executive Director for the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation, Tom now travels the province setting up Fundamental Movement Skill (FMS) programs for children with an intellectual disability (ID).  He is also a FMS learning facilitator under NCCP as well as a facilitator for the CAC Special Olympics course.  Tom works with school boards, schools, daycares, Early Childhood Educators, college programs, recreation departments, the IWK, Early Intervention, First Nation Communities and the general public in trying to make a difference in the quality of life for children ages 2-12 who have an intellectual disability.




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These workshops are jointly offered through the Municipality of the County of Cumberland and the Town of Oxford.