Citizen Input

The Municipality of the County of Cumberland strives to deliver the best possible service to residents and visitors. We welcome feedback in order to improve the way we deliver services. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please contact us.

Customer Service

The Municipality of the County of Cumberland is committed to providing consistent, reliable and fiscally responsible services to our customers. You should expect the best possible service when you deal with one of our representatives whether by letter, telephone, or in person. We strive to fully understand the needs and expectations of our customers in order to develop and deliver appropriate services.

Our Customer Service Goals are:

  • Treat all customers with respect.
  • Take the time to understand the needs of customers.
  • Respond to customer requests promptly.
  • Ensure that staff are available to customers.
  • Deliver on commitments.
  • Recognize unique needs of different customers and deliver our services appropriately.
  • Keep customers up to date and informed.
  • Deliver our services and make decisions with customers in mind.
  • Act promptly to ensure any customer problems are resolved.
  • The Municipality takes pride in delivering high quality customer service and is committed to constantly
    improving that service and want to hear from you.