Animal Control

animal controlOur Canine Control Officer is responsible for the enforcement of the Municipality of the County of Cumberland's Dog By-Law . The Canine Control's duties include helping residents with issues related to dogs in Cumberland County. These include issues such as:

  • Dogs running at large
  • Dogs leaving waste on private property belonging to others
  • Dogs biting humans or animals and
  • Assistance with RCMP in removing dogs from unsafe and unfit dwellings.

The Canine Control Officer ensures there are standards of care in place to make sure animals in Nova Scotia are properly cared for and protected. To find out more, please see the Standards of Care for Cats and Dogs Regulations.

Canine Control Officer hours:

8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).

Missing Dogs or Filing a Canine Control Complaint

Canine Control works alongside the RCMP and the Lillan Allbon Animal Shelter to help resolve any issues related to animal control.

If your dog is missing, please contact the Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter. For any other issues related to Canine Control please contact us.

For inquiries or complaints outside of office hours, please contact the RCMP or your local Police Department.

Who to Contact: Animal Abuse and Neglect

Any Farm Animals (Horses, Cattle, etc.)

Farm Animals

Any cruelty calls related to farm animals please call animal welfare at 1-902-896-2299 or visit Farm Animal Health & Welfare.

Small Domestic Animals (Cats, Dogs, etc.)

cat and dog

Any cruelty calls related to cats and dogs, please contact us.

Animal Adoption

dogsIf you feel like you want to open your home to another pet, adoption is a benefit to both you and the pet you will bring home.

The Municipality works with volunteers at multiple animal rescue groups in the Atlantic Provinces for dogs that are able to be rehomed. If you or your family want to provide a forever home for a dog in need we encourage everyone to visit Lillian Allbon Animal Shelter.