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Municipal Information

The office of the Municipality of the County of Cumberland is located at 1395 Blair Lake Rd, Upper Nappan, Cumberland County, NS.

Please visit our contact page for further contact information.

The Municipality is an administrative entity composed of Cumberland County, Nova Scotia, and its residents, excluding the incorporated towns of Amherst & Oxford.

The council and staff of the Municipality are dedicated to providing a framework within which enhanced social, cultural, environmental and economic development can occur.

We are committed to providing high quality service to our citizens as effectively and efficiently as possible. We are working with our citizens to maintain and improve the high quality of life we enjoy.

As you browse our site, you will see that our unique blend of economic, cultural and lifestyle opportunities make it a great place to live, work and do business.

For more information about areas within the Municipality, websites are listed below.

Websites (external) for neighboring municipalities are listed below.